After a loss (fire, water or storm damage), Expert Services prides itself of being a provider of personal property restoration and cleaning of a home or business. It is important to address any personal property items located in the affected area. Expert Services methods of contents restoration can save many valuable and personal items. Our cleaning technicians rely on proven methods of cleaning to restore your personal property. Even when damage looks severe, items can be brought back to their pre-loss condition instead of replacing them. Expert Services staff is trained to evaluate the damage and implement solutions to isolate the damage and allow restoration of your valuable contents to begin.

Complete Contents Restoration Services:

       Complete Pack Out of Contents
       Electronic Inventory of Contents
       Secured Climate Controlled Storage
       Vaulted Storage
       Photographic Documentation
       Itemizing of Total Loss
       Pricing of Total Loss
       Hard Furniture Restoration
       Soft Goods/Laundry/Dry Cleaning
       Cleaning of Upholstery
       Drying Chamber
       On-site Cleaning
       Pack Back of Contents
       Estimate and Consulting

Additional services provided:

• Appliance Restoration
• Electronic Restoration
• Art Restoration
• Documents/Records
• Refinishing of Hard Furniture
• Re-Upholstery
• Electronic Service Check/Cleaning
• Appliance Service Check/Cleaning
• Fine Art Restoration
• Book and Documentation Restoration
• Taxidermy

Expert Services understands the physical and emotional loss that our customers are going through. Our staff strives to assist you during this chaotic time and guide you through the process so that it will be as painless as possible. We treat your personal property with the same exceptional care and professionalism as we treat you and your structural property.

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