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Equipment Rental for all types of projects for the semi professional do it yourselfer to one of our friendly competitors who needs access to more equipment, specialized skills and knowledge or additional capacity.

Certain customers want to do their own Emergency Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation. We recommend you hire a professional, but if you want to do it yourself we have the professional equipment you will need to get the job done right. We have a large fleet of drying and mold remediation equipment. Our trained technicians are available to deliver, set up and/or monitor the equipment if you want. We can deliver the equipment anywhere and our equipment is thoroughly cleaned, inspected and prepped after every job.

Mobile Desiccant Dehumidifiers


  • Calculate the cubic feet of the affected area.

  • Determine the number of air changes per hour required on your loss according to the IICRC S500 standards. Multiply the cubic feet times the desired number of air changes per hour. This will yield the cubic feet per hour CFH needed to dry the building.

  • Drying equipment is rated in cubic feet per minute CFM so divide CFH by 60 to get CFM


A building with dimensions of 150 ft. (L) by 150 ft. (W) with a 8 foot ceiling (H), where 3 air changes per hour are desired.
150 x 150 x 8 = 180,000 Cubic Feet (CF)
180,000 x 3 = 540,000 CF/Hr (CFH)
540,000 / 60 = 9,000 CFM required.
A 5,000 CFM and (2) 2,000 CFM desiccant dehumidifier should be used. Although it may be more cost effective to rent one 10,000 CFM unit depending on the desired arrangement of air inlets. Although this is the general accepted formula certain situations may require alterations to this formula. For further information Call the Experts!

Other Rental Equipment

• Bobcat with various attachments
• 185cfm air compressors
• Dry ice and baking soda blasting equipment
• Thermal imaging cameras
• Generators
• Power washers
• Blown insulation vacuums
• Moisture monitoring equipment

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